Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yarn Wreaths are Addicting!!!

I originally found the idea for yarn wreaths from a lovely lady named Danielle over at Take Heart. I have to tell you, I L-O-V-E the things she does. I especially love her yarn wreaths, and it is terribly addicting!!

The first one I made was for kicks and giggles... but I loved how it turned out so much that I had to do more!!!

I used her felt flower tutorial and yarn wreath tutorial to create this puppy right here...

Here are the felt flowers... I love making them. It is too easy and they turn out GORGEOUS.
I added some similar colored leaves to give it a little boost... so it wasn't all flowers.

I also used her felt flowers to make a Valentine heart wreath. I got so many compliments on it, and I'm glad because it took me FOREVER! HA! I don't know how many roses I rolled but I used 3 yards of red felt.


Then for a more 'spring-y' look I chose a lavender colored yarn and put a little lace on the side. I got some butterflies from a cute Etsy shop called The Gilded Bee. I added some greenery- I guess you could say- from some things I had bought on sale at Michaels. I really liked how it turned out, and on the first day of Spring... this is going on my door! haha. Danielle did something similar {I searched and searched her blog and couldn't find the post she did on that particular wreath... I'm sorry!!! But, all credit goes to her!!!}

I am most DEFINITELY sure I will be making a lot more of these! I love the texture the yarn gives the wreath, and come on... how cute are the butterflies?

Sending huge love and warm sunny vibes your way! {where I live, we haven't seen the sun all winter long. Today it was sunny, I ran around the apartment like a raving idiot opening all the blinds. Yeah, I loved every minute of it!! haha! That is why almost all the pictures are in the same place. I tried to get as much natural light as I could!}
xoxo Karli


Delia said...

This is so pretty! I love the butterfly one a lot!

danielle @ take heart said...

i love all of them! they are so beautiful!

Catch A Falling Star said...

The lavender wreath it very beautiful!!
I have not yet tried to make a yarn wreath yet but, I have seen so many wonderful ones.

Tina said...

wow - the spring wreath is stunning. Thanks for the link to Danielle from take heart on my way to visit her next.

pretty paper posies

Humble Homemaker said...

Such a cute spring wreath! I am a huge butterfly fan so I totally love it. Thanks for sharing. :)
Humble Homemaking

Nicole @ said...

The lavender one is so pretty, the lace is a nice subtle embellishment, and the butterflies are so delicate as well. That valentine's one must have taken FOREVER to make that many flowers! So cute!

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