Friday, March 18, 2011

TuTu Tutorial

Since I am "Dancing Around With Karli" I figured I should do something along the lines of dance. This is not a professional ballerina's tutu, just a fun one for little kids to dance around in. When I taught Pre-School Creative Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and performance based classes for 7 years (ages ranging from 3 years old to 18 years old) the girls who liked these the most were the elementary/middle school age. And even into Junior High (if they weren't "too cool" yet.)  This is a really quick and fun way to have a fun class! I made these at a summer dance camp, and the girls even wore them when they came back in the fall. Super easy, and even the girls can do it themselves.

You will need elastic

3 (or more or less) colors of Tulle. I got Dark purple, light purple, and ballet pink. You can't tell the difference on my camera, but the two lightest are different colors :)

I usually would tie the elastic around the Barre, but since I don't have one here, I tied it to the door knob. It makes it easier to tie on the tulle if you pull it tight from the door knob and hold it down while you tie on the tulle.

next you take alternating colors of tulle and start tying on the tulle in knots. 

After a while it will look like this...

I made this for a little girl, but I held it up to me to show how it would look. It is SUPER cute on those little girls with the big tutu sticking out everywhere. They absolutely LOVE it every time we make these. 


Megan said...

what a cute idea. I would have loved to have one of these when I was a little girl.


Monica said...

How perfect! Thanks for the tutorial! I needed a gift idea for a friends' two year old and now I have one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial! I have a 6-month-old daughter and have been wanting to make one of these for a while now. So cute!

Found you through Handmande Tuesdays and am your newest follower! Stop by my blog when you have a chance--I'd love to have you as one of my followers, as well! Keep the cute crafts coming! :)

Kelly said...

So pretty... I love making Tutus! I love this! I'd love if you linked this up to my very fist link party!

Domestic Goddesque said...

That's such a simpla and fabulous idea: I shall definitely be trying it out soon!

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