Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coming Soon!!!

I've been working on lots of craftiness lately!!! SO... here we go:

1. A special belt buckle that I made for 2 of the cutest nephews in the entire world
2. A "makeshift headbord/not really a headboard" decoration. I've been working really hard on it!
3. How to dye eggs for easter-- with silk ties. Gah! So exciting :)
4. I'm going to Re-Vamp my lil' old lamp that is too dark... it needs lightening up!
5. How to make a cute TuTu for your little girl/niece/granddaughter/sister etc. (I'm finally getting to the dance stuff. I guess since I am a dancer and it's called Dancing Around With Karli...)
SEE! It's too dark. It has been driving me totally bonkers.
... a sneak peek on what's on my nightstand. Kind of boring.. Origins Lotion:  A Perfect World- intensely hydrating body cream with white tea. (a LIFESAVER for dry crackly hands... but too expensive to me to put all over your body haha)
A clock. and more lotion from the Body Shop... apparently I like lotion but I never use it because my hands are always dry.

Hope to see you soon... and bring friends! :0)

xoxo Karli

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Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

ohh looking forward to seeing the "headboard"!!

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