Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adventures of a Sunbeam Teacher

There's something about little children. They love you unconditionally, forgive you instantly. They are the first to offer a smile and a hug. Why can't I be like these little children?

As a member of my church, I serve as a Sunbeam teacher. That means for the last two hours of our 3 hour session another sister in the ward and I are with 10 of those beautiful children aged 3-4 so their parents can serve in their callings or attend Sunday School. They make my Sunday special. As soon as I walk in the room, I get a smile and a high five from 10 little hands. I cannot tell you how much I need these sunbeams to light up my day, I can only thank my Father in heaven for blessing me with the opportunity to be with them. I learn so much more from their sweet spirits than I could ever teach them.

Our lesson for today was I Am Thankful for Water. As I was going over how water comes down to earth and why we need it, a sweet sunbeam offered his advice. "Fish live in water. If they come out, they dead."

I laugh more in the 2 hours every Sunday with those kids than every other day of the week... combined. An especially rambunctious child (who ultimately had to sit on my lap to sit still) slipped me a mischievous look and said, "I'm about to fart!"

At least he warned me.

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